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We ship in stock items fast.

 Only CASH donations accepted. NO PERSONAL CHECK OR MONEY ORDER DONATIONS PLEASE. If you send in a cash order donation you MUST send it to us by Priority mail with some sort of delivery confirmation so you can track your pack. Otherwise you do not know where it goes.Cash is the fastest way to receive your order.

Send us your order in this way: Simply write down what it is you want to order and include your donation in with your CASH order, securely wrap this order up so it cannot be seen through the envelope and mail you order(s) to:

Contact us for address to send order(s) to....Thank you!

Most orders will arrive to you in 2-10 days in most cases.

Send Cash or Blank Money Orders w/ Money order receipt to:


We can be forund here also: amweedidit@hotmail.com


Want to send us a question or comment or an order, email us first?


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